Some of my recent writing:

"Maybe the Internet Is Just Terrible After All," New York Magazine
What if the internet is actually bad?

"Donald Trump Won Because of Facebook," Select All
An excuse to use the word "fatberg."

"All News Is Equal in the Age of Facebook," New York Magazine
An exercise in elaborate figurative language.

"Did I Kill Gawker?," New York Magazine
A murder mystery-autopsy-confession-memoir.

On CFCF's the Colours of Life, The New York Times Magazine
A short essay about the revival of New Age and my favorite music of 2015.

"Hulk Hogan Taught Me Never to Make a Bad Joke on Slack Again," Following,
On the ephemerality of face-to-face interaction as a feature and a bug.

"Twitter Is a Mall," Following,
An argument that our models for free speech on the internet are inadequate, and that Auntie Anne's is good.

"The Ten Best Lists of 2015," Vulture
Meta wank.

"Milling Time," The Awl
An essay about time, desire, fulfillment, anxiety, and strategy in fantasy-based collectible card games.

"We Are All Jim Halpert, and Everyone Else on the Internet Is an Army of Dwights," Following,
An essay about the insufficiency of language and "thinking face" emoji.

"My struggle to get health insurance was more irritating than my full-body rash," Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times
A story about my full-body rash.

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